Friday, August 2, 2013

Gotta LOVE this lil Monster :)
More SWIMMING!!! This time dad came :)
So March 9th Gloria and Ross came through Utah on their way to Colorado and stayed the night... It was so fun to see them, Logan and Bram had such a good time together, they are 4 months and 3days apart and this was the last time they will see each other untill they are three years old!!! Gloria and Ross are on their way to Germany to live for three years!!! We are going to miss them so much but I am so excited for them to start a new adventure!!! I hope I can make it out there to visit!!! Love you guys!!! Miss you tons!!!
In March we enrolled Logan and I in Mommy and me swim classes... Logan did awesome... He LOVED the water and was such a good sport... we had a blast... Thank you Grandpa and Grandma McQuivey for coming and being such good supporters and photographers :) Love you guys!!!!
Miss Abigail Catherine Parker, Born Feb 9th, 2013 to Jenni and Jason Parker... Congrats guys!!! Shes gorgeous and we LOVE HER!!!!
The last two days on the boat were a little rough... the seas were REALLY rough... We had 18ft waves that would come up to the 4th floor deck, so they ended up closing the deck.. it was pretty bad, we were sailing into a major snow storm that had dumped 24ft of snow of New Jersey... I was pretty freaked out the last night, I was for sure that the boat was going to tip over, so much so, that I made Ry take me to the top deck at 3 in the morning just to make sure :( talk about anxiety... but we made it back!!!! YAY!!! those last two days were the longest of the cruise, one, because of the weather and two because I missed Logan so much those last two days... I was so happy to get home to him and also to my new NIECE!!! Yep, Jenni had little miss Abigail on Feb 9th the day before we came home!!!
Our last stop was Haiti... It was a beautiful island yet again... but we actually weren't allowed to go "into" Haiti, so that was a little disappointing, but we still had fun, we were kind of stuck and the only thing we could do was eat and sleep on the beach, so...thats what we did :) it was a nice relaxing last day, the ocean water was beautiful you could see to the bottom and watch the fish swim by... The Carribean was a beautiful place to visit, I am so glad that I had the oppurtunity to go and spend the time with my husband, he is so amazing to me, next time, we'll bring little man :) We missed you Logan :)